How to Make a DIY Bell Garland

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tying brass bells onto twine

How to make a DIY Bell Garland

Learn how to make your own bell garland with tin or brass bells. Bell garlands make a pretty decoration for any holiday and can be layered with some fresh or faux green garland, strung up in a Christmas tree, hung from your mantel, or tied across windows!

We don’t usually do too much decorating for the holidays – we have so many plants already that putting up a tree and stringing garland feels like a lot.

But I found some pictures of bell garlands and knew this was an easy way to add some shine while still feeling very much my style. Bell garlands are easy to make in just a few minutes!

supplies to make a diy bell strand garland

What you’ll need:

  • Bells
  • Jute or twine
  • Scissors

20 x 2″ mixed rustic tin bells

12 x 2.25″ rustic tin bells

1mm x 328 ft jute twine

You can use the same bells for your garland or mix and match your bells with different shapes or sizes. I bought a mixed pack of bells so my garland would have a few different shapes, but kept them the same size.

diy bell garland
diy bell garland

How to make a DIY Bell Garland

Time needed: 10 minutes.

  1. Cut your twine to length

    Measure or hold the string up where you’re planning on hanging it – don’t forget to leave some room for it to drape!

  2. Attach your bells by knotting them

    Knot your bells along the twine at an even distance from one another until you’ve strung all of your bells.

  3. Make loops at the ends of the string

    Tie off loops at the end of each end of the garland and cut off any excess jute.

  4. Hang up your garland

    You’re done! Layer your bell garland with some fresh or faux green garland, string it from your tree, hang it from your mantel, or tie it across your windows!

The bells on my bell garland are spaced about 4″ apart, and instead of using an every-other pattern with my bells I mixed them up at random. I paired my bell garland with a tassel garland from Ballard Design (sold out).

I think it makes a great, neutral layer that adds just a bit of shine!

modern mantel with bell and tassel garland
mantel with plants and bell and tassel garland
living room with bell and tassel garland on mantel and leather chair

Get the look

20 x 2″ mixed rustic tin bells

Natural cotton tassel garland

1mm x 328 ft jute twine

Helena propagation bundle

12 x 2.25″ rustic tin bells

6 ft bell garland