6 Lighting Ideas For Rooms Without Ceiling Lights

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Lighting Ideas without Ceiling Wiring
Our home was built in 1875 – like a lot of homes with that much history, ours has plaster ceilings and no ceiling fixtures in the living room. We’ve learned a lot about how to light a room with no overhead lighting or ceiling wiring!

6 Lighting Ideas For Rooms Without Ceiling Lights

Check out some of my favorite ideas for adding more light to your living room, bedroom, or other rooms without tearing down your ceiling to add wiring!

1. Plug-in Ceiling Pendants

Plug-in Pendant Lights

We recently updated our living room with a custom plug-in pendant from Illuminate Vintage, but there are plenty of ready-made mobile plug-in pendants you can use to add light without wiring your ceiling. We had a hook added to the top of the downrod which then hangs onto a hook we screwed into the ceiling. Then we swagged the cord to the corner of the room, where it loops around a hook and plugs into an outlet near the baseboards.

2. Plug-in Sconces

Plug-in Sconce Lights

You can also easily hang plug-in sconces around your home – these are great because you can mount them at different heights. They look great in pairs on either side of a bed or couch or on their own like this adjustable plug-in sconce from Schoolhouse lighting.

3. Floor Lamps

Floor Arc Lamp

Oversized or Arc-style floor lamps are an easy way to add light to a room without ceiling fixtures – no drilling required! I love arc lamps for providing the feel of overhead lighting without actually having ceiling lights.

4. Table Lamps

Table Lamps

Use table lamps in different sizes, at varying heights, or in pairs to add more light to a room.

5. String Lights

String Lights are a fun and easy way to add ambiance and light to a room without the need for ceiling wiring. They’re also lightweight and would only need some nails or hooks to hang from, or you can drape them from hanging utilities like this dreamy loft.

6. Battery-Powered Lights

Battery-Powered Pendant Lights

There are tons of new options for wireless or battery-powered ceiling lights like this battery-operated pendant. The main drawback is needing to replace the battery – but it’s a small price to pay for a traditional-looking light without wiring the ceiling!

6 Lighting Ideas For Rooms Without Ceiling Lights

Our home was built in 1875 - like a lot of homes with that much history, ours has plaster ceilings and no ceiling fixtures...

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