How to Make a Wood Toilet Tank Topper Box

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While adding a bathroom shelf to an upper alcove, I had some spare wood lying around and decided to build a toilet tank topper since I was giving my bathroom an update.

A toilet topper box or basket can be used to store extra toilet paper, books, or other bathroom accessories in an easy-to-find spot for guests – and is a great way to add some personality to an otherwise boring part of the bathroom.

In this post I’ll walk through what materials you need and how to build a toilet tank topper for your own bathroom!

Materials for Building a Toilet Tank Topper Box:

  • Wood
  • Ruler or Tape Measure
  • Tablesaw or Chopsaw
  • Wood Glue
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Clamps
  • Stain
  • Brush & Rags for Stain

How to Make a Toilet Tank Topper Box:

  • Measure your toilet tank lid to create a custom topper made to fit your toilet
  • Mark your wood where you’ll be making cuts for your tank topper
  • Cut the wood into 5 pieces – 1 for the bottom, 1 for the back, 1 for the front, and 2 for the sides

  • Sand the edges lightly to smooth
  • Assemble your tank topper by brushing wood glue onto the edges, then applying clamps to hold in place while drying
  • Hammer nails into the corners for additional strength

  • Once dried, sand the faces of the tank topper so the wood is smooth – you can also sand the corners to give a worn or rustic look
  • Leave your topper unfinished, add stain, paint, and/or polyurethane/polycrylic

I used Minwax’s Special Walnut stain and a matte (non-shiny) polycrylic that matched some shelves I was adding into the bathroom.

  • Place your tank topper on your toilet and to keep toilet paper in an easy-to-reach spot for guests
  • You can also style your tank topper with books, candles, or other bathroom accessories!