10 Fridge Organization Ideas & Storage Tricks

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    organized fridge
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    I love organizing my fridge. Pulling everything out, giving everything a good clean, and then carefully finding the best place to store everything feels so great once it’s done. Whether you’re getting a new fridge and trying to get used to the new space or you just need a deep clean and a refresh – check out some of my favorite ideas to help organize your fridge.

    How to organize your fridge

    Measure your fridge

    Before you purchase any organizers or containers – make sure you measure the inside of your fridge!

    While there are some great products available, they won’t help if they won’t fit! My counter-depth french door refrigerator is approximately 30” deep, but the interior space on the inner shelves is between approximately 11” deep, for example.

    You’ll want to measure your own fridge interior to make sure you can use as much space as possible, while still making sure your containers fit.

    Clean your fridge

    Before you get ready to organize, empty your fridge and wipe everything down – clean your inner shelves, the shelves in your door, and produce bins.

    Adjust your inner and door shelves

    While your fridge is empty and clean, take the time to adjust the placement of your shelves to fit groceries you regularly store in the refrigerator and to accommodate any bins, baskets, or containers you’ll be using to organize your fridge.

    Fridge Organization Ideas

    Organizing your refrigerator can help make sure that your groceries are easy-to-find which makes cooking and grocery shopping easier since you’ll know what you have on-hand. Using containers for fridge organization can also make it easier to keep your fridge clean, since you can quickly pull out the bins to wipe down and sanitize your shelves.

    Use clear bins to organize

    Using clear bins to organize your refrigerator allows light to filter through and lets you see all the contents of each bin – making it easier to see what you already have and what you’re running low on!

    They also keep your fridge clean and organized since the bins catch any crumbs or mess and it’s easy to pull the bins out to clean them.

    Add baskets for texture and storage

    Use baskets to add some texture and group similar items together. I like using baskets on lower shelves to make sure they don’t block light (which is usually at the top of the fridge).

    Baskets are a great way to organize your fridge and add a little personality – while I love clear containers for most of my fridge organization – they feel a little sterile sometimes, so adding some baskets helps to break up plastic storage.

    Stack bottles horizontally for more storage

    If you’re not keeping wine, beer, or champagne bottles in your refrigerator door, you can use horizontal storage organizers for wine, champagne, or water bottles to maximize space inside or on top of your fridge.

    Add ceramic containers for eggs

    Fridge doors are often the warmest part of the fridge – even through many refrigerators have a designated shelf for eggs in the door it may not be the best place to keep them. Instead, purchase some ceramic egg holders or a bowl and keep your eggs on a shelf in a colder part of the fridge.

    Ceramic berry baskets also make great storage for berries or small items.

    Use a lazy susan to make condiments easy to reach

    A lazy susan can help organize jars and bottles in your fridge by making them easy to reach without needing to pull everything out to get to things in the back.

    Add more under-shelf drawers

    Add more bins for storage with under-shelf drawers that hang from your fridge’s inner shelves.

    Use drawer dividers to organize bins and drawers

    Organize your fridge by dividing large produce bins and freezer drawers into sections using larger bins or even drawer dividers.

    Label your shelves, bins, or tupperware

    Use labels to organize your fridge drawers and bins, shelves on your fridge door, or some of the clear containers you’re using to organize your shelves. You can also label your leftovers or perishables with the date so you always know what’s fresh and what should get tossed.

    Use produce keepers for regularly-used fruits and veggies

    If you have fruits or vegetables that you regularly use in cooking – like onions, peppers, or citrus – you can use produce keepers so you can easily find them. They’re cute too!

    Invest in some good tupperware

    You should always make sure you keep a designated space for storing leftovers – getting a set of tupperware can help with organization, making it easy to stack containers.