10 Decorating Ideas For Above Kitchen Cabinets

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Many kitchens have an empty space or a gap between the tops of the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling – leaving it empty can sometimes look unfinished, but using it for haphazard storage can quickly feel cluttered.

There are plenty of ways to decorate on top of your kitchen cabinets – not only can you create additional, functional storage space but styling decor above your cabinets can also draw the eye up to the ceilings and make your kitchen feel taller.

Find some of my favorite ideas for above kitchen cabinet decor below!

Use woven baskets to add texture

kitchen with woven baskets decorated above cabinets

You can decorate above your kitchen cabinets with woven baskets in all shapes and sizes. Use baskets above your kitchen cabinets to store extra dishes, cookbooks, or utensils or simply fill the space with baskets to draw the eye up to the ceiling, making your kitchen appear taller.

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rectangular wicker storage basket
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Add greenery above kitchen cabinets with low-light plants

white and wood kitchen decorated with plants above cabinets
Image source: Schoolhouse

Growing plants above kitchen cabinets adds greenery and brings a breath of fresh air – just make sure you consider the types of light you have in your kitchen and purchase plants that will be happy with that light! Unless you have skylights or a very bright kitchen, you’ll most likely want low light plants.

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potted snake plant

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golden pothos plant
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zz plant

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Extend your kitchen cabinets to the ceiling

white kitchen with cabinets
Image source: The Stony Brook House

Sometimes the best way to decorate above your cabinets, is by adding more cabinets! Extend your kitchen cabinets with additional storage or even by adding faux fronts like this DIY project.

Use faux brick for an industrial look

modern kitchen with brick walls above cabinets
Image source: Jacquelyn Clark

Unless you actually have existing brick walls, you might not be able to expose brick like this kitchen renovation to add some texture to the space above your kitchen cabinets. But you can fake it with faux brick wallpaper – since it’ll be near the ceilings a good faux brick will still look good!

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brick peel and stick wallpaper

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Store cookbooks above your kitchen cabinets

cookbooks in kitchen shelves above refrigerator

The space above your kitchen cabinets is a perfect spot for storing your favorite cookbooks. Decorating with your cookbook collection is a great way to utilize the extra space above your kitchen cabinets while keeping your cookbooks within reach!

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Add a vintage or handpainted sign for above cabinet decor

farmhouse kitchen with farmers market sign above cabinets
Image source: Bless’er House

To draw the eye up to the tops of your cabinets without storing anything heavy, decorate with a wall-mounted sign.

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farmhouse kitchen decor sign
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Farmhouse kitchen decor sign

metal homemade sign
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Homemade metal kitchen sign

vintage farmers market sign
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Display your favorite collection on top of your cabinets

ceramic dishes decorated above kitchen shelving
Image source: One King’s Lane

Whether you collect plates, vases, ceramic figurines, or have a clean, curated group of jars – storing them above your cabinets is a great way to decorate the space above your kitchen cabinets while showing them off!

Make a statement with 3d letters

bright kitchen with galvanized metal letters above cabinets decor

3d letters add another way to make a statement without a wall-mounted sign. Use metal letters, marquee letters, or other 3d designs to spell something out!

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Galvanized metal 3D letter

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Create a gallery of artwork in your kitchen

kitchen with oil paintings decorated above cabinets
Image source: Honey n Hydrangea

Group a collection of paintings, drawings, or other artwork above your cabinets and create a kitchen gallery wall. A cluster of art is a great way to fill the space above kitchen cabinets, especially if you have a slanted ceiling or other oddly-shaped space.

Mix it up for eclectic above cabinet decor

bright kitchen with baskets and cookbooks above cabinets decor
Image source: The Design Files

Forget rules – instead of drawing inspiration from one of the ideas above, combine them to make something that’s unique to your home! Pair some artwork with some vintage vases, organize your favorite cookbooks next to baskets used for storage, or combine some 3d letters with some vintage collectibles.