20 Best Firepits & Firebowls for Your Backyard

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    One of my favorite things to do in my backyard is start up a fire in my firepit (a cast iron cauldron I found at an architectural salvage and mounted on some iron planter legs), sit back, and read a book.

    If you’re not as lucky as I was to stumble upon a cauldron that you can use as a firepit, there are plenty of great options for firepits and firebowls, for whatever your style! Read through to find a few of my favorite firepits I’ve found online.

    hexagon raised outdoor firepit

    Sunnydaze Affinity Raised Outdoor Fire Pit Kit

    This modern, hexagon-shaped firepit comes in heavy-duty steel with an aged, oxidized finish.

    cast iron fire bowl

    Titan Distributors Inc. Cast Iron Firepit

    This simple firebowl is made from unpainted, raw cast iron for a look that works with any style!

    cast iron outdoor fire pit

    Sunnydaze Cast Iron Outdoor Fire Pit Bowl

    This oversized, 34″ diameter fire bowl is crafted from durable cast iron and available in rust and steel finishes.

    flatpack wood burning firepit

    Flat Pack Wood Burning Outdoor Firepit

    This modern, matte black steel firepit has a stylish, sleek shape.

    minimalist woodburning firepit

    Real Flame Wood Burning Bowl Firepit

    This 34″ wide minimalist fire bowl is made entirely from heavy gauge, powder-coated steel and includes log grate, spark screen, waterproof cover, and fire poker.

    Fire Sense Lumina Round Bowl Fire Pit

    This copper-colored firepit brings a bright and cheery touch to your outdoor space and comes complete with a mesh screen to contain sparks and a multipurpose fire tool/screen lifter.

    northland outdoor firepit

    Sunnydaze Northland Outdoor Fire Pit

    Featuring a removable cooking grate for BBQing, this outdoor firepit includes a mesh spark screen, cover, and fire poker.

    raised steel firebowl

    Pure Garden Raised Steel Fire Bowl

    This raised steel bowl features a simple, modern design and included storage cover.

    hillebrand & co modern steel firepit

    Hillenbrand & Co Steel Firepit

    This firepit offers a modern design made of steel plates that develop a maintenance-free patina over time. Includes a heavy-duty canvas carry bag for transporting wood.

    Real Flame Breton Square Table Fire Pit

    This powder-coated steel fire table set includes a log poker, spark screen, grate and a convenient storage cover

    concrete firebowl

    Peaktop Lilith Outdoor Wood Burning Concrete Fire Pit

    This light-weight concrete firepit includes base, bowl, spark hood, charcoal grid, grate, and poker.

    esshert low firepit

    Esschert Design Low Firepit

    Constructed of cast iron with a black finish, this fire bowl offers a minimal look.

    round wood drum firepit

    Round Wood Burning Firepit

    This round fire pit is crafted from heat-resistant steel and has a lid to hold wood in place and keeps embers contained.

    ceramic woodburning firepit

    Novogratz Asher Wood Burning Fire Pit

    Made from durable, weather-resistant ceramic, this firepit comes in three colors – white, charcoal, and persimmon – and includes cooking grate, mesh dome, and rain cover.

    Fire Sense Degano Round Grill Fire Pit

    This round firepit has an enamel-painted bowl and gradual finish and includes wood and cooking grates.

    low profile oxidized firepit

    Low Profile Round Fire Pit

    In a sleek low profile and rustic, pre-oxidized finish, this fire pit makes a beautiful addition to any backyard.

    bangor modern firepit

    Bangor Woodburning Firepit

    This simple cast iron and steel fire pit has a removable, metal mesh dome cover to help keep embers contained. 

    cast iron wood burning firepit

    Cast Iron Wood Burning Firepit with Cooking Ledge

    This 40″ cast iron firepit bowl includes a cooking ledge for grilling.

    Fire Sense Wood Burning Round Bowl Fire Pit

    This copper-colored fire bowl has an interesting design and includes a screen lift tool and mesh spark screen.

    Fire Sense Cornell Round Bowl Fire Pit

    The Cornell fire pit has a warm brushed bronze finish and comes with a lift-off fire screen and a multipurpose fire tool/screen lifter.