10 Unique Hexagon Tile Floor Patterns

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Hex Tile Floor Mosaic Star Pattern
I’m starting to fall in love with the idea of creating a hex tile floor mosaic. Hexagon tiles offer endless possibilities with color and pattern ranging from classic motifs in black and white to bright and modern designs.
My next project is going back to my kitchen update and re-doing the floors. We originally put down the maple boards as a semi-permanent solution to hide the ugly green linoleum until we figured out what we wanted to do in the kitchen (and mudroom). And I finally figured it out – hexagon tile with a twist! I really love the idea of either creating the illusion of larger tiles made up of smaller tiles or creating a “rug” or some other large central design.
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Hexagon Tile Floor Mosaic
Modern Hexagon Tile Floor Mosaic
Hex Tile Floor Mosaic Design
Mosaic Hexagon Tile Floor in a Classic Kitchen

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