20 Wall Mural Ideas for Your Home

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Wall murals are a great way to add personality to your home! From your living room, bedroom, kitchen – or even your ceiling – wallpaper murals can add color, pattern, texture or capture a snapshot of a location anywhere in your home.

Abstract Wallpaper Murals

Wallpaper murals don’t need to be repetitive or evoke a scene to make statement – abstract wall murals can use shapes and color to bring a fresh look to spaces like bedrooms and living rooms.

pink watercolor wallpaper mural in living room

Watercolor Wall Mural

Add a splash of color to any room with a watercolor inspired wallpaper mural. This bright pink mural looks great paired with neutral living room furniture.

black and white squiggle pattern wallpaper mural

Squiggle Wallpaper Mural

Abstract patterns like this squiggle wallpaper mural add punch to an accent wall.

blue ombre watercolor wall mural in bedroom

Ombre Inkwash Wall Mural

An ombre wallpaper mural can bring calm to a bedroom with shades of blue.

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blue watercolor wallpaper mural

Deep Blue Ink Utopia Wall Mural

faces line drawing wall mural

Large Face Line Drawing Wall Mural

abstract shapes wallpaper mural
Rebel Walls

Asana Abstract Wallpaper Mural

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Floral & Botanical Wallpaper Murals

Floral & botanical wallpaper murals give a fresh, modern feel to old flower-patterned wallpaper patterns with oversized florals, tree and leaf-inspired patterns, and lifelike garden scenes.

pine forest wallpaper mural in dining room

Pine Forest Wallpaper Mural

A repeating pine forest patterned wall mural creates an airy space in the dining room and looks great when paired with wood furniture and beams.

oversized floral wallpaper mural in office

Oversized Floral Wallpaper Mural

A dark, moody oversized floral wall mural looks great in a bedroom or office. Keep decor minimal to let a floral wall mural make a statement or mix with other styles and colors for a maximalist space.

tree wallpaper mural in kitchen

Treetop Wall Mural

Bring the outdoors in with a wallpaper mural that evokes forests and trees like this etching-inspired treetop wall mural.

jungle palm tree wallpaper mural in dining room

Palm Frond Wallpaper Mural

This oversized palm wall mural adds a fresh feel to a dining room (and might make you feel like you’re on vacation).

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jungle wallpaper mural
Rebel Walls

Secret Garden Lush Wallpaper Mural

dark floral wallpaper mural

Flower Arrangement Wallpaper Mural

garden landscape wallpaper mural
Rebel Walls

Tres Tintas x Rebel Walls Pago Wall Mural

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Landscape & Nature Wall Murals

Whether you want to wake up in a forest or bring the outdoors into an urban space, landscape wall murals can open up your space and make it feel like you’re surrounded by nature – even if you have a black thumb.

forest lake wallpaper mural in living room

Forest Lake Wallpaper Mural

A misty, lakeside forest wallpaper mural feels quiet and calm in the living room.

green forest wallpaper mural in living room

Beautiful Forest Wall Mural

Light shining through the trees in this forest wallpaper mural makes this room feel open and bright.

sunset mountain view wallpaper mural in living room

Sunset in Mountains Wall Mural

A sweeping view of clouds over a mountain range adds color and makes this living space feel open.

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Virgin Forest Wall Mural

Rebel Walls

Home of Giants Wall Mural


Foggy Forest Wall Mural

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Maps & Cityscape Wall Murals

Map wallpaper murals are a great way to bring in the palette of patterned wallpaper with plenty of interest, while cityscape murals can bring your favorite travel destination to your own home.

london map wallpaper mural in kitchen breakfast nook

Urban and Rural Wallpaper

This vintage map of London feels classic in off-white but adds interest to this breakfast nook.

patterned elevation lines wallpaper mural in entryway

Elevation Lines Wallpaper Mural

Feeling almost abstract, a wallpaper mural of elevation lines creates a pattern with height differences in the terrain and looks great in an entryway or mudroom.

spanish town wallpaper mural

Casares, Málaga Wall Mural

This wall mural brings in the postcard-perfect village of Casares into an open space.

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map wallpaper mural

Empire Peel & Stick Wall Mural

paris rooftops wallpaper mural

Paris Rooftops Wallpaper Mural

world map wallpaper mural
Rebel Walls

Treasure Hunt Wallpaper Mural

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Textural Surface Wall Murals

Wall murals can be used to mimic traditional surfaces like brick, plastic, wood, concrete, marble, and more – making it a more affordable way to add texture to a space.

brick and plaster wallpaper mural in bedroom

Top Floor Wall Mural

Add texture and character to bland drywall or new construction with a wallpaper mural that looks like brick or plaster.

marble wallpaper mural in kitchen

Marble Wallpaper Mural

A marble-look wall mural adds some interest to a kitchen with a nod to a material often used in countertops and backsplashes.

tree rings wallpaper mural in living room

Tree Rings Wallpaper Mural

This wall mural brings in a natural wood pattern with tree rings into a neutral, hygge-inspired living room.

wood grain wallpaper mural

Vintage Wood Wallpaper Mural

This peel-and-stick wallpaper brings the warmth of vintage wood grain to an accent wall.

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red brick wallpaper mural

Grunge Red Brick Wallpaper Mural

marble wallpaper mural

Marble Pattern Wallpaper Mural

wooden concrete wallpaper mural
Rebel Walls

Wooden Concrete Wallpaper Mural

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Sky & Clouds Wallpaper Murals

Create an open, airy feel with sky and cloud wall murals – whether they’re used on the ceiling or an accent wall – they make a soft, pretty statement.

cloud wallpaper mural on ceiling in living room

Cuddle Clouds Wall Mural

Make your space feel bigger and let your ceiling take center stage with neutral walls and a cloud wallpaper mural.

cloud wallpaper mural in kitchen

Above & Beyond Clouds Wall Mural

A moody cloud scene wallpaper in this kitchen and dining area adds sunset colors into a minimal space.

cloud wallpaper mural in entryway

Storm Brewing Wallpaper Mural

A wallpaper mural with rolling clouds has a neutral palette and soft pattern that works in any room.

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cloud wallpaper mural
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Cloud Puff Wallpaper Mural

starry sky wallpaper mural

Starry Night Wall Mural

dark clouds wallpaper mural
Rebel Walls

Cumulus Wallpaper Mural

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